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Let’s face it, I’m just not good at letting boys know when I like them.

I’ve almost given myself whiplash at the amount of hair flipping I’ve done, and my throat is actually hoarse from the girlish giggles at jokes that were (in fairness) only kind of funny.

I mean, sure, I could just use my big girl words and tell them but this is how that usually shakes down:

  • Walk into bookstore, see cutie intently reading by the stacks
  • Sidle on up beside them and randomly pick up a book from the stack to read as well
  • Never realize they are reading Beginner’s Cannibalism for Dummies and you have now picked up 30 Days To Your First Murder because you are mesmerized by the dimple that manifests as they devour the pages
  • Smile at them and catch their eye as they smile back at you. You are so entranced you don’t realize that they are looking at you with pretty much the creepiest creeper of gazes.
  • You slyly ask them out to coffee sometime and give them your number.
  • A week later you are found dead in a ditch, missing your left arm and right kneecap.

Or they say no.

Hey. Either is a VERY REAL possibility!

Who is to say we can’t go back to the rollicking times of the 1800’s and start leaving our calling cards when we want to meet up with people?

Business cards, with company info/address/direct line/etc, are just a little too much of an overshare asking for someone to stalk you dead like you are checking-in to your house on Facebook Places. And if you write your number on their hand at the bar you KNOW they are going to drunkenly wash their hands at 12:35 AM and realize the next morning that they can’t figure out whether that’s a 9 or a B they need to dial.

But thanks to companies like cheek.d and FlipMe the pain of asking someone out is now that much less. Basically, you pay a 3 month-subscription to either service and you get a pack of anonymous “pick-up” calling cards to dole out randomly to potential dates you are too shy/intimidated/awkward about asking.

Ok, maybe I’m the only one who is awkward about this sort of thing.

Which is why I would buy an entire pack of this card from cheek.d:

There are no details about you on the card, only a website and code for your card receiver to log-on and see if they are interested in sending you a message based on the little blurb you’ve got hidden in their membership logs. And apparently lots of people are already subscribed and could be passing you a card atNosh before you know it!  You can even learn some of the more suave “Flip” moves on their site.

So there’s still rejection (if they don’t message you, you don’t learn anything further about them) but a little less painful than the immediate “No thanks” face slap that might occur if you asked outright.

Or the serial killed cannibal in a ditch thing.

Course if you do in fact manage to get a message from one of the cuties you’ve given your card to, gone out a bit, maybe even used those big important “words” (boyfriend/girlfriend), and finally gotten to the point where you need to not be together anymore, you could always just have this chick break up with them for you.

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What do you think of virtual date calling cards? Fun and flirty idea or just weird?

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