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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I once titled a dating ad “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in the dead of winter.

I love the look of a winter wonderland. The snowflakes falling outside, blanketing the brown grass with a pristine coating of fluffy white beauty. Sunshine sparkling through the icy tree branches. Kids sledding in little Michelin-man suits and cute boys in scarves and knit caps with rosy cheeks and warm smiles catching your eye.

I especially enjoy seeing these scenes curled up with a cup of hot cocoa (mixed with maybe just a dash of peppermint schnapps) under my patchwork quilt from the comfort of my worn brown leather recliner.

As beautiful as the winter scene is outside, it is cold. REALLY FREAKING COLD. Like, cold enough to keep that magical white blanket (aka frozen water) covering the earth for months on end.

Of course, one of the best part’s of being all curled up inside is when you are all curled up with someone else. Dual body heat keeping each other warm. Snuggling on a couch. Whispering funny little sayings and sweet nothings to each other. Falling asleep with someone’s arm around you.

Winter shouldn’t be about being home and alone eating tuna from a can in fuzzy slippers and glaring out at the blizzard forcing you to stay inside. Laying in bed with your covers up around your nose, still shivering and listening to the wind howling outside.

Enter the Boyfriend Pillow.

The Boyfriend Pillow

At $29.95 on, this companionship in the winter is a steal!

I had heard of boyfriend pillows, but though they were those 3-arm big tall pillow things or body pillows. Never before did I consider that I could actually buy someone’s arm to envelope me in a warm embrace as I slept with a content smile on my face. The commercial gives you even more reasons to wrap yourself in your boyfriend (pillow)’s arm.

And guys, don’t think you are left out of this! Apparently substitute girlfriends are even cheaper on, at only $16.95.

The Girlfriend Pillow

I couldn’t find a great artistic stock photo of the anatomically profound Girlfriend Arm pillow (though I must admit, those bumps look awfully uncomfortable…maybe they are like those micro-fiber bean bag material things?) so it appears to be a different quality. The price alone suggests that. So I cannot guarantee the same wonderful cuddles through the night.

Of course, if pillow-spooning is not your gig, you could always pick up a Girlfriend Lap Pillow. Though written about all over the web, it’s difficult to find for sale. The best I could find was the Japanese Trend store (apparently when they aren’t attempting to dominate the global tech world, Japan is creating novelty sleeping pillows) but it’s a definite investment at $101.

Girlfriend Lap Pillow Japan Trend

With such a (finally) substantial snowfall out there, I know you I am looking for ways to make my time inside a bit more bearable. Snuggling with another body,even if it’s inanimate, might just be the answer.

Or, maybe it’s a little creepy.

What do you think of the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Pillow craze? Worth it to feel some semblance of companionship or a gag gift gone horribly wrong?