Tinsel’s Silver Lining

Being single during the holidays is like that explosion of tinsel up the side of a tree.

It’s a big glob that you can’t take your eyes off of.  Consuming the whole decorating process as you try to piece it into other parts of the tree.  Pulling it apart, piece by piece, analyzing to try to make sense of it all.

You know that if you could get it just right then the tree would be perfect.  But no matter how long you work on it, no matter how hard you try, there’s always a piece of tinsel out of place.  Something that doesn’t feel quite right.

Some people love tinsel at the holidays.  Some people think it’s absolutely wretched.  There’s something about it though.  All sparkly and mesmerizing.  Makes you think there’s gotta be something shiny to this holiday thing.

And certainly there is.  There are some very good reasons to find sparkly shiny goodness at the holiday season.  Not just on the tree, but in all of it.

Here are 5 great reasons to be single during the holidays.  None of the warm fuzzy friends and family spirit of the season.  Good solid “Thank goodness I’m a big blob of tinsel” reasons.

1. No extravagent romantic presents to buy – Buying gifts during the holidays for people is bad enough.  You’ve gotta spend so much, cause you buy expensive presents for people you love.  Or like a lot.  Somehow you throw in finding the perfect gift for that perfect someone, and it’s a painful recipe for insulting injury.   She complains all the time about how messy her kitchen is, why isn’t it a thoughtful gift to buy her a super spiffy electronic mop?  It’s loving to cut up all his old T-Shirts and make a quilt out of them.  Who needs that stress?!

2. Joint travel calendars and party replies – It’s hard enough scheduling for one person during the holidays.  All the parties, all the meals, all the events.  Like a rag doll you get jerked all around in a hundred directions, and that’s all on your own.  Imagine adding in another set of obligations.  Two families vying for your attentions on high holy holidays.  Two sets of corporate holiday parties.  Too too many!

3. The questions aren’t so bad – Sure, your well intentioned family wants to know who you are seeing.  When you’ll finally drag bring someone to the final night of lights.  Those questions that tweak but are what they are.  What about the questions coupled up friends have to deal with?  When are you getting married?  When are you having kids?  When will people stop butting into lives over mashed potatoes?!

Photo Credit: Getty Images – Emma Innocenti

4. There’s all that love around – There’s got to be a reason they made “snog” and “nog” rhyme.  People are just spilling over with good will and cheer, wanting to share it with the world around them.  You find a door frame with that magical greenery hanging from the frame.  It’s like a veritable petri dish of stolen kisses and loving moments.  You can even practice on this virtual mistletoe from Hugo & Cat.

5. Opportunity is everything – You know that cute girl you’ve been admiring at the office?  Or that boy who makes your coffee with a sly grin and brown puppy eyes.  What better time of year is there to give it a try?!  There’s holiday parties and festive events and fireplaces and hot cocoa.  And with all that love and cheer and no one wanting to be alone, why not help the process along?  Give it a chance.

Come on now.  Doesn’t that give you hope during this cold winter time?

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