Quit Judging

I had but one goal as I got ready for the Maine Law School Holiday party two weeks ago.

I desperately, with every fiber of my being, did not want to end up like Bridget Jones at the Law Council Dinner.  While I was going with my best friend from college and her husband so I didn’t really have to worry the whole night about waiting to be proposed to, I was still terrified how I was going to make it through the night without being a complete fool.

I mean these people are law school students.  I have not attempted any of the testing myself, but I’m pretty sure you have to be really smart to get into law school.  Not the kind of smart where you know the answers to all the Jeopardy or were in Gifted & Talented classes your entire pre-college school life.  But they are smart in that way that is dedicated and studious and can recite tort law code thingies upon request.

I was not sure exactly what to expect.  I had been lured to Grace with promises of a fun night and a mashed potato bar.  What can I say, I am a girl who is easily swayed by the idea of laughter, starchy carbs and bacon.

I was also convinced that an evening with a bunch of law students was going to be only slightly less mind-numbing than watching paint dry.

All Dressed Up And Bored As Hell
Photo Credit: Getty Images – Nga Nguyen

I arrived at Grace and immediately realized that my freelance artist spirit might not adjust well to the crowd.  Men in suits and women in mono-chromatic structured dresses made my leather knee-high boots, tights and teal-patterned knit dress look terribly out of place.  I kept trying to convince myself that the fact that it was a Michael Kors somehow made it ok.

I sipped a vodka & tonic looking around the room, wondering what I had gotten myself into.  I was so excited for my friend, a first semester-first year law student.  Who is awesome.  And invited me to this event where I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that I didn’t belong and they all knew it.

Not fitting in, standing along the wall, eating mashed potatoes from a martini glass.  The only bright light to the night appeared to be the DJ for the night, who’s remixes and masterings reminded me of my obsession with the new Girl Talk album I had downloaded that week.

Friends, I cannot emphasize this enough.


Those Maine Law students know how to party.

And have a great night.  And show an outsider a fun time.  And many of them are damn talented dancers too!

It’s always hard being single at a party or event.  You want to be outgoing, meet new people, and have fun.  But putting yourself out there, letting go of the snobbish and uncalled for judgements and shaking your thang out on the dance floor all mix together for a night of fun that I talked about for days afterwards.

What can I saw, Maine Law School?  You proved me wrong.  Thanks for showing a single girl a great time!

Have you been in a situation where your first judgement almost cost you having a great time?

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