Sex For A Cause

Whether it’s a Facebook status or a National Holiday, cancer awareness sure is getting sexy.

Last January, the Facebook news feed was overwhelmed by women randomly posting colors as their status update.  Beige, white, blue, red silk with black lace, nude…all in a viral campaing to bring awareness to the fight against breast cancer.

Ok, I get it.  Women were updating with the colors of the bras they were wearing, cause for 50% of the population, bras are where breasts are most commonly found.  And whether people loved it or hated it, the online world was abuzz with cancer talk for a week straight.

Fast-forward to October, when the “I Like It On” viral campaign launched.  Now, while the posting color updates cold be explained away with the bra-holding-boobs thing, this was an obvious overture to a more salacious topic than under-garments.

I’m still not 100% sure what a purse has to do with breast cancer, but women sure had fun posting about it and men were sure in a tizzy over women’s hot resting spots.  (The campaign asked women to update “I Like It On” and then list where they leave their purse when entering the house.)

Women seemed to be having all the cancer fighting viral fun.

Enter Movember.

Movember - Supporting Pancreatic Cancer Awareness
Photo Credit: Getty Images – Nick Dolding

Movember was founded in 2003 in Australia, as a sort of joke for men to grow moustaches for a month for a purpose.  The Mo (slang for moustache) is like a holy grail of facial hair for many men, according to my informal survey.

The original purpose?  Ummm…Movember sounds like a pretty cool word!

Towards the end of the campaign they began to realize that Movember could be about more than allowing your Mo to flap freely in the passing breeze without the nagging of significant others.  Inspired by the dedication of women around the globe banding together for breast cancer awareness, the original group of men decided that they would fundraise for the month for Prostate and Testicular Cancer.  (In the US the funds will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong – Check out the Movember Intro Trailer on YouTube)

Six years later Movember is catching on, but still building a presence.

Enter sex.

Cause if we’ve learned nothing this year, it is that sex sells cancer awareness campaigns.

Today (November 18th) is National Have Sex With A Guy With A Moustache Day, as declared by the ladies over on Asylum.

I guess their tactic is working, I’m certainly writing about it to spread the viral campaign.

So ladies, if you were updating on Facebook about your bras and purses, and your man (or a man you are rather interested in) is sporting a lovely lip sweater after 18 days of Movember growth, consider it your contribution to Movember awareness to dim the lights, whisper sweet nothings and rock your moustached man’s world.

What do you think of the recent trend in online viral campaigns to “sex up” their message?

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