The Sweetest Thing

Did you know that the Third Saturday of October is officially Sweetest Day.

I know, I’m a bit skeptical, too.

As I set out to investigate what seemed to be yet another day for people to celebrate their sweetie (aka another day for card makers, florists and candy companies to make out like bandits) I was pleasantly surprised and disheartened all at once.

The holiday absolutely started as a way for one of these industries to make a killing.

Yes, for those AP English folks out there the Sweetest Day was originally created in 1922 by the candy confectioners of Cleveland.  I’ll admit, I’m immediately biased if there is chocolate involved.  But at the same time, as a single girl who also has lots of guy friends, I find it more than insulting that there appears to be some sort of Valentine’s-Lite that we have to take into account now.

Photo Credit: Getty Images – Roger Charity

First piece of good news with this holiday, it is mostly celebrated in the Great Lakes Regions and parts of the Northeast US, so if you don’t live in any of those places then you are safe from the holiday.

The second piece is the spirit with which the holiday was created.  I mean sure, if you want to JUST look at the fact that it was candy companies looking to make money, then yes it does seem like a pretty lame holiday.  But the holiday was supposed to be a day to offer gifts of chocolate and red vines to orphans, shut-ins, and those otherwise forgotten.

What good does a roll of Smarties do for someone who is “otherwise forgotten” in the world, right?

Well, in my experience a kind and sincere gesture to those who are outside the box of love and affection appreciate such small gestures immensely.  But we should not remember such folks only on the third Saturday of October.  And maybe, they’d like something more than a card, truffle or carnation.

Or maybe that would be just what they’d need.

I personally spent the Sweetest Day this year having Early Thanksgiving, hosted by a couple of friends are probably some of the most legitimately sweet people I know.

Cause single folks…that’s right around the corner…Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, holidays.

Grrr…I take it back.  Damn the holidays!

But make sure to spread the love and happiness of them.  Cause that’s more important than any present we could ever give or receive.

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