Sleeping With The Enemy

I frequently worry about inevitably sleeping with someone.

No no…not THAT kind of “sleeping” with someone.  Jeez…

The actual, fall asleep together in a bed for a full 8 hours, wake up in the morning fully rested and go about your day sleeping with someone.

My concern isn’t so much about the level of commitment that involves.  I mean, I know it will probably mean getting beyond a second date with someone.  In the past six months I’ve actually gotten better about that whole commitment thing.

My concern lies in the fact that after ten or so years of having a big old bed to myself, I’ve developed some…habits…that I’m pretty sure will be hard to break.  Especially in an unconscious state.

Abuse the Snooze – I’ve been known to sleep THROUGH my alarm clock buzzing frantically less than a foot away from my face.  I can also hit the snooze button approximately 1 zillion times.  The greatest accomplishment of this particular skill is that I can do it in my sleep.  I feel that someone who is not waking up at that same time will probably get annoyed with that after awhile.

Over Covers Overload – In the winter, I have been known to sleep with a microfiber sheet, a wool army blanket, a fleece throw, an electric blanket and a down comforter.  And full pajamas.  I don’t like to be cold when I sleep, what can I say?!  In the summer it’s a sheet and the down comforter.  Someone told me it’s the weight of the covers that I’m probably drawn to.  Regardless, I doubt that a bed-mate is going to be comfortable.

Speaking of covers…

Did I go to war last night?
Photo Credit: Getty Images – Amy DiLorenzo

Sleep Marathons – I run marathons in my sleep.  Or fight double agent spies.  Or wrestle greased pigs.  Whatever it is I dream about, it’s manifestation is a complete Armageddon of the aforementioned 100 layers of sheets.  I kick up the sheets so they are no longer hospital bed folded at the foot of my platform bed.  Somehow the wool blanket ends up hanging out of the bed while all the other over covers are still in place.  I have even managed to pull up the fitted sheet.  Sleeping with me is a dangerous sport.

No Yellow Line – Remember when you shared a room with someone, and got in a big fight, and wanted to draw a big yellow line down the middle of the room so everyone stayed on their side.  Well, I’m not sure how that will work for me since I have grown accustomed to sleeping in the veritable center of my mattress and then sprawling out.  In fact, I usually sleep in a modified tree pose, and I realize how odd that is.

I could talk about the drooling in my sleep thing too, but some things are just better left relatively unsaid.

Do you have any bedtime habits that you need to adjust or have adjusted for a regular bed-mate?

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