The Whirligig of Time

Do you believe in dating karma?

My friend recently wrote that: “Karma is not a bitch, karma’s a sneaky ninja that waits till you trip up
to blow poison darts at your neck.”

In the moment I laughed out loud (yes, a full LOL from a blog post…did you question my dorkiness?!) cause seriously, who doesn’t love a good ninja reference?

Til that sneaky ninja crept up out of the Fore River and shot darts straight into my neck.

Frickin’ ninja.

I have never been the one in a relationship to put myself out there or to put my feelings on the line.  Kind of like the Runaway Bride.  No, not that one.  This one, the one from the sub-par movie.  Not to spoil the whole thing for you, but let’s just say that Maggie had a similar problem.  She ran.  Away.  From weddings.  She was in.  As a bride.  (See how it’s all coming together?)

may have done similar things in the past.  And by may I mean I have.

Young woman running away
Photo Credit: Getty Images – Dirk Anschuta

In college I was seeing a guy that I would never ever EVER have discussed my like with.  Ironic since I spent just about every weekend of my junior year at his house.  I should probably note that we didn’t really spend a ton of time OUTSIDE the weekend with each other.  Probably not a ton DURING the weekends either.  It was a good college fling.  You’re supposed to have one (or seventeen) of those, right?!

At one point, though, things got out of hand.  Somewhere between games of beer pong and ESPN Sportscenter on Sunday morning I kind of started feeling thingstowards him.  So I did what any red-blooded all-American girl would do.

I stopped hanging out and hooking up with him and found other interests.

Now I’m not sure if he ever even *liked* me back.  At least in a more than “you’re kinda cute after a six-pack” kind of way.  But the reality is that less than six months later a girl met him and fell in total adoration.

And she managed to tell him how she felt.  And she pushed to spend time with him.  And she dared to like him out in the open where people questioned them but it didn’t matter.  I *think* they are still together today.  And adorable.  Justifiably so.

So therein lies the question.

Is it more worthwhile to put your feelings and emotions out there to see what gets returned?  Or is it safer to keep them close to the vest and just see how things work out?

And most importantly…is it better to be safe or to be out there?  Cause I *think* I’m fine being a fool for love, but only when someone is willing to be a fool right back?

Have you taken the leap when you didn’t know if the other person was “in?”  How did it work out for you?

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