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Yes, I’ll admit it.  I was among the first throngs of women settled comfortably in her Cinemagic seat patiently awaiting the start of Sex and the City 2 this weekend.

Now I’m not the average chick-flick watcher.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll get sucked into a Lifetime Movie Channel movie with the best of them, but I’ll feel dirty afterwards.  I spent 2009 promising myself that I would not watch a movie that I knew would make me cry.  That’s part of the reason I still haven’t seen Pixar’s Up (I hear if you fast-forward through the first 10 minutes though it’s not nearly as bad!)

And I hope to go down swinging having never seen (nor ever plan to see) The Notebook.

So Friday night I got home from work and changed into flip flops to head out to dinner with the roomie.  While a majority of the girls at Seadog Brewing Companywere sipping martinis for the happy hour special while dolled up in heels and sparkling tank tops, I curled up with a nice Seadog IPA and BBQ Burger.

Elisa at Seadog Brewing in South Portland

I’ve read many of the reviews, where the movie gets slammed all over the place.  One of my favorites states: “Just a string of excuses to get the girls
back together to chit-chat over coffee and cosmos, all the while making
crass and often tired sexual puns.”

Now I’ll give you, the sexual puns did get a little tired.  I mean 12 years later YES we are all aware of the fact that Samantha is free with the bedroom love if you know what I mean.  But seriously, for the rest of it…WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?!?!  This isn’t Citizen Kane we’re talking about here!

Sex and the City may have pushed the boundaries of what can and can’t be discussed when it comes to sex on TV.  And they were great at that.  But the cosmo craze didn’t catch on with women across the country because the conversations happening over it were manifestos worthy of Chaucer reprinting.

The appeal of Sex and the City has ALWAYS been the friendship between these 4 women, their individual strengths and weaknesses, and the way they fought through the same struggles and victories that we as single girls did. First dates, weird dates, first kisses, weird hookups, relationships and all the stuff that lies in between.

The “problem” with the newest movie is that it is actually REAL.  Well, as real as the series ever got (you think it’s just cause of the second movie that Carrie Bradshaw is riding a camel through the desert in vintage?!)  The girls sit around and talk about riveting topics as frustrations with parenting, and hot flashes from menopause and fears of complacency in marriage.

Again I ask…WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?!  I for one commend the franchise for these boring and drawn conversations.  It’s like this is what women in their 40’s (and one in her early 50’s) would talk about.  It’s like the crazy single girls in their 30’s traipsing around Manhatten have finally grown up and are dealing with the things that the rest of the world deal with.

Granted, they deal with it in Halston and jeweled-Louboutins, but to each their own.  Taking real life issues and infusing some fun opulence make for a fun girls night out of giggling about your own lives over cosmos (or Seadog IPA’s.)  Cause that’s what it’s all about.

Friendships with women who’ve become your soulmates.

Have you seen Sex and the City 2?  What did you think?

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