If You Just Smile

You show me one person who likes having their picture taken and I will find you twenty who run in fear.

I would be one of those 20.

I’m not one of those people that runs and hides and squeals and whines and is general a pain in the ass about having it taken.  I’ll look forward, grin and bear it with the best of ’em.  I’ve even perfected the girl head squish where you all jutt your neck towards each other, purse your lips and look super “sexy.”  See…I can be a girl…sometimes…

So when I finally came to grips with the fact that I needed to update my headshots and photos (the current ones were from the Fall of 2006 and the Spring of 2007) I agonized over what to do.  Should I wait til I lost another 20 pounds (I heard once you lose weight first from your extremities and my face/head is an extremity, right?!)  Should I wait until spring so I can have them taken outside?

Most importantly was finding a photographer I trusted and wouldn’t get so nervous about working with that I thew up for hours leading to the shoot (did I mention I was FREAKING OUT about this idea?!)  Someone who would take my photo and make me all pretty and not squinty eyed and crooked smiled (two of the features of most pictures that I dislike the most about myself.)

Enter Melissa Mullen Photography.  Not only was she having a promotional event for young professionals looking to do headshots/portraits (deal on the sitting fee? Yes please!) but she was kind and fun and easy to talk to so I figured that would probably translate to a laidback and enjoyable photo shoot session.

Plus I absolutely love her work.

No crooked smile and the only times my eyes were at all squinty were when I was laughing, showing off the beautiful smile lines I’ve spent 30 years cultivating in the creases. The rest were so clear and shining I realized that I have greenish eyes…I always thought they were brown!  Plus, she let me bring my best friend/roomie/sister and we had a little fun ourselves.

How can you not have fun and be at ease when you get to do things like this at Millcreek Park in South Portland (yes, I am totally balancing on Amy’s back!)

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There are many lessons to learn here.  Things like finding a photographer that you work well with and can trust.  Or don’t throw up before a photo shoot session because that just isn’t fun.

But the most important thing I learned was that spending two hours posing and moving and photo-ing with a professional make you just feel good about yourself.  I left there with a perma-grin, knowing that I would have some great photos in the mix.  There’s a quiet confidence that the process inspires that just makes you happy.

Like the song says, “You’ll find that life is so worthwhile if you just smile.”

If I could reccommend one thing to any singles out there trying to find the confidence to put themselves out there for dating and mixing and mingling, it would be to spend 3 hours taking amazing photos (preferably with a professional that is trained in showing you at your best.)

The feeling you have when you get to view those photos for the first time, staring at the screen amazed and awestruck that you could look like that will far surpass any butterflies a potential date can give you.

Because really, what is more attractive than someone who loves themselves?

Have you ever done professional photos of yourself? Would you?

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