Can’t Get Enough

I was talking to a friend today about a boy she liked and getting updates on her flirting and “picking up” game.  Cause any single girl worth her weight in salt (especially on the rim of her margarita glass!) has to have a plan in letting boys know that she is interested.

In my experience while people always THINK they want the blunt “I like you now what” approach, in reality there’s the thrill of the chase and the power of the “woo” that really win us over.

My friend lamented, however, that she had experienced that horrible gut-wrenching furor-inducing moment of going out with friends and the boy you like.  When your friend, who knows you adore this boy more than a seasonal sale at DSW, decides to make the moves on him RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

Ms. Can't Get Enough
Photo Credit: Getty Images – Hannes Hepp

This same thing happened to me last spring.  I rarely date anyone younger than myself, mostly because I’m an old soul and young guys are…not.  But this one boy definitely sparked a pitter pat in my little girlish heart.  I adoringly referred to him at The Puppy.

I don’t know if it was his floppish mop of hair or his laid-back approach to life or his biceps that literally tore the hem of his polo sleeve (ah yes, the ripping sleeves…sigh…) but I was willing to push past the 7 year age difference for at least a few dates.

I even put up with the teasing from my friends asking if our first date would be at Chuck E Cheese or Joker’s.

After two dates we went out to the Old Port with a group of mutual friends cause that is what people in their 20’s do.  And I spent practically the entire night watching my pretty, skinny, blonde friend flirt relentlessly with him right in front of me.  At times phsyically turning her body to actually cut me out of conversation with him.

PS – She had a boyfriend (who was working and not able to make it out with us) at the time!  I hate stupid girls!

I don’t know what made me angrier.  My friend’s actions or the boy sucking up all the attention.  I suppose it’s flattering to have multiple people flirting with you and making you puff out your chest (whether you are a guy or a girl!) but really?!  Right in front of each other?

Regardless I did not end up going on a Date #3 with The Puppy.  And have spent the past year limiting severely my contact with Ms. Can’t Get Enough.

Do you know people like this? Always wanting to be the center of attention – even when it is with the object of YOUR affection?

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