Running With The Foxes

Ever get one of those messages that leave you at a complete loss for words?

Like you open your email, read it, stare at it for about five minutes, and then close your laptop and put it aside as if that will somehow avoid the very idea of the note.

I feel like the past month has involved day after day (or at least week after week) of these notes.  I got a note from my ex (whom I cared for far more than I would have ever let him know,) Facebook decided to shove my crush’s new relationship in my face, online dating sites made me feel like I had to create some computer-generated perfect image of myself, and Twitter reminded me that I just can’t run with the pretty young girls in the industry.

As Drew Barrymore said in He’s Just Not That Into You “I had this guy leave me a voicemail at work, so I called him at home,
and then he emailed me to my BlackBerry, and so I texted to his cell,
and now you just have to go around checking all these different portals
just to get rejected by seven different technologies.”

Or at least that’s how I felt until Thursday night when I received notice that someone had sent me a question on a site called Formspring.  I logged onto the site only to read the question:

What gives? Is there any reason you refuse to acknowledge that you’re kinda hot?”

Young woman with an apple
Photo Credit: Getty Images – Karan Kapoor

As one friend I asked for an opinion on how to respond told me, “Oh god, I read that and started blushing FOR you.” Another friend gushed about how adorable it was, and yet another tried to help me craft a response exactly like a hot mutual friend of ours would “except as Elisa.”  Great, that’s helpful.

I mean, someone asks you something like that anonymously and how do you respond?  Especially when everyone knows that hot is Megan Fox not Helen Mirren.

My blushing friend, however, was the person who really helped me put it in perspective.  And we realized that whoever asked must be someone who knows or interacts with me.

Because Megan Fox I am not.

But I’m AM pretty darn cute.  This is not only a personal opinion, but one that has been shared by at least a couple people in the course of my life (who are not members of my immediate family and thus required to tell me I’m cute.)  Add to that some intellect, personality and gumption and my market value rises.

That’s the way it is with most people.  We’ll never be the idyllic picture of Hollywood gorgeousness we imagine, but when you start factoring in everything else that makes someone attractive, the package is often better than the wrap.

So Megan Fox I’ll never be.  And I’m kind of ok with that.

What sort of things boost a person’s “hotness” level for you?

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