Don’t Fence Me In

I didn’t think much of it when I sent the Tweet on Thursday from my Blackjack.  Driving up I-95 watching the world go by in miles of pavement, trees and cows my mind definitely wandered to the lyrics of the stations streaming from my radio speakers.  Tuned in to Sirius radio my presets are: Pop Station, Love Song Station, 90’s on 9 Station, Adult Alternative Station, Singer/Songwriter Station, “Old Skool” Hip Hop Station, Siriously Sinatra Station, Broadway Station, and then Current Country Hits Station and Country Hits from the 90’s Station.

What? I’m a girl from Maine, and I don’t care what you say…many country songs have redeeming values.  I’m especially in girlish awe of the deep and overwhelmingly sexy stylings of Chris Young, and his Billboard hit from last year “Getting’ You Home.”  It’s also called “The Black Dress Song.”  It’s also called the “Song From A Guy Who Just Wants To Get His Hot Girlfriend/Wife/Babe Home To…You Know…”

Ok, maybe only I call it that last one.

Still, as I parked the car and sat for a minute readjusting to the stop motion of the ride, I felt a foolish grin creep onto my face thinking of how great it would be to have my very own Chris Young to sing the racy yet fun lyrics.  Yes, I am aware that in reality there are four men in the civilized universe that sing like that.  I’m fine with that.  Don’t really need someone to sound like Chris, just to make me feel like it.

So I typed out my little update and sent it out to the world of Twitter:

Twitter Update

And then one of my friends sent me a private message that completely knocked my thought process on it’s bottom.

“Who is Chris Young, what is this song, and why are you only asking for boys who will know the answer to these things?”

Now I’ve never been a big fan of the “girls should change themselves totally to try to land a boy” school of thought.  Even though practically every movie/book/magazine loads our brains down with tips and tricks to make boys just like us.  Heck, even when the Danny Zuko’s of the world make the effort to letter in track (accidentally) it’s still Sandy Olsson who has to don the skintight (had to be sewn into it) catsuit to win him over.

But what my friend was trying to point out (knowing the Year of Love dating quest) was how I was cutting myself off from an entire segment of potential boy.  Not necessarily just boys who would never learn anything about my beloved country song, but boys who wouldn’t start out knowing anything about it and thus never giving it a second thought.

I guess I am coming to realize more and more that this dating thing is about compromise.  It’s about meeting a boy halfway…maybe my little bit of country will even out his little bit of rock’n’roll.  It’s a funny phenomenon the stuff we bring into our dating mindsets.  Not the massive Louis Vuitton 17-piece traveling baggage we try to carry-on, but the simple obstacles we sometimes toss up without even thinking about it.

So how about you?  Do you have your own carry-on accessories that sometimes get in the way of meeting up with a great person?

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